Passion For Wooden Floors

Ever since I was a child, wooden flooring was in my life somewhere in the background. My father was a parquet fitting specialist. Many times I had a chance to see him work,  preparing the parquet layout, cutting wood blocks, laying them and finishing. Although he was following predefined patterns and rules when fitting parquet floors, he had to use his experience to make certain design decisions in order to make the pattern to work in a particular space no matter how odd the room was.

This inspired me to start working in the wood flooring trade. This unique profession combines work you would expect from a construction – related trade and design work. And it’s not only about floor colour or what kind of finish is to be applied. It is about the actual floor restoration, picking which plank is to restored and which is not good enough anymore, deciding how to repair damaged floor area, changing colour of the floor t0 make it look completely different.

Unlike my father, I decided to work on all kinds of wooden flooring. I always follow a non-standard approach to any interior work. Wherever I looked I was always trying see to room for improvement or alternative way of approaching a problem. To me every flooring job is a different story. Since there are no two planks of wood that would age the same way in the same conditions, no two jobs are identical.

When I first started working in my own business, I was surprised to discover that most companies in wood floor restoration trade offered their customers very little in terms of up to date floor finished and interesting texturing techniques. Many clients and even interior designers are simply not aware of what can be done with wooden floors and possibilities are endless. I decided it was my mission to go far beyond what anyone else could offer and to exceed my clients’ expectations. We currently offer our services to clients across UK and abroad, creating unique flooring projects.

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