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Floor Sanding Brighton

 Dust free floor sandingIn the times of cheap and low quality furniture and interior elements more and more people go back to more traditional ways of decorating their houses. One of the best examples is growing popularity of old-fashioned wooden flooring, which for many years was much less common than carpets and laminate flooring. And having a beautiful wooden floor doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a new one laid. There is a big chance, that underneath your carpet there is a wooden floor waiting to be revealed. In that case the only thing you really need is sanding floorboards. Brighton has a long tradition of incorporating wood in the interior design and we as a company take pride in preserving the spirit of beautiful old architecture by wood floor restoration.

Why Choose Wood Floor Restoration Brighton Services?

The Old Flooring is a company specializing in professional wood floor sanding. Brighton is a place where we have a chance to work on some really old wooden floors – the ones that require the greatest skills and give us the biggest satisfaction once they are done. No matter if you use our domestic, commercial or school floor sanding Brighton services, you can be sure that you get the best the flooring industry has got to offer. We only use the latest dust free sanding machines and the highest quality finishes and wood dyes. Our team is happy to advise and help you choose the best solutions for your flooring. Thinking about sanding hardwood floors? Brighton team is there for you! Why not contact us for more information or get a free online price estimate?


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