antique oak flooring after sanding and staining

Standerwick Court, Somerset

Antique Oak Floor Restoration

Owners of this grade II listed building needed a specialist company to restore original oak flooring in drawing room and study. Total area of 60 square metres had to be worked from scratch to achieve desired look of the flooring.

This restoration project was developed in cooperation with London based interior designer, Mrs Claire Mathewson of Claritas Interiors. The boards were never sanded before and a few sections of floorboards were previously replaced with new oak boards. We had to create a custom blend of Bona wood dyes to achieve uniform floor colour across new and original boards.

The floor was sanded using our complete dust free process by Lagler. Floorboards were then stained and sealed with Bona hard wax oil to achieve desired depth and richness of colour to complete the rest of the interior.

Project Price: £3,600

antique oak flooring after sanding and staining

Private Residence, Chelsea, London

Solid Walnut Flooring Supply, Installation and Finishing

This unique London project was designed and developed in partnership with our interior designer, Mr Jakub Hermanski. Basement of a private residence in Chelsea was being converted into a cinema room. Wooden flooring had to be designed to match the scale of the entire project and meet exceptionally high expectations of the client as well. Over 100 square metres of space was about to be covered by unique wooden flooring worthy of a private cinema room in the heart of west London.

The solid walnut floorboards were imported from a specialist supplier in Canada. This high grade timber was carefully selected to contain only the boards with close to no knots. It was climatised in the client’s property to adjust to property – specific conditions. While the wood was climatising, Wavin underfloor heating system was installed across the entire space. We applied compatible screed by Sika to the sub floor to prepare adequate surface for further work. Once this was completed, we were ready to proceed with the most important part of the project, the walnut flooring. The boards were fitted on concrete using Bona Quantum flexible flooring adhesive. After installation, the flooring was fine finished with our dust free sanders and sealed with Osmo Polyx hard wax oil to enhance colour and depth of beautiful walnut wood grain.

Project Price: £27,000

antique oak flooring after sanding and staining

Private Residence, Shiplake, Berkshire

Oak Floor Restoration

We were contracted to work on very original flooring in private residence in beautiful Berkshire countryside. Oak floorboards were made to order 20 years ago and developed significant cracks in the grain. Although the cracks played well with old fashioned character of the property, they were very impractical as they gathered dust and resulted in uneven floor surface. Our client requested to have the cracks filled and floor refinished. 100 square metres of the flooring was sanded down to expose the wood grain. Cracks were filled using suitable wood filler with hardener. After sanding, it turned out that there were a lot of spots where wood filler was used when the floor was first fitted to fill holes and missing knots. We created custom blend of wood dyes to colour both old and new wood filler and make it look more natural. Everything was then sealed with Osmo hard wax oil.

Project Price: £4,500

antique oak flooring after sanding and staining

Painter’s Atelier, Bristol

Hardwood Floor Restoration

There are certain spaces that require very specific atmosphere where more minimalistic and natural is needed. Such space was a workshop of a renown painter, Carl Melegari. Hardwood flooring made of Canadian maple was in dire need of restoration because of heavy wear. Mr Melegari wanted to achieve modern, natural finish that would be extremely hard wearing and therefore suitable for working environment. The floor was sanded back and refinished with Bona Mega Traffic HD, which provides extremely heavy duty finish still maintaining very natural appearance.

Project Price: £1,750

antique oak flooring after sanding and staining

Private Residence, Cadnam, Hampshire

Hardwood Flooring Supply, Fitting and Finishing

Hardwood floors have always been an essential feature of English country houses and Cadnam Lodge in the New Forest is no exception. That is why when the study was being remodelled, property owners needed a specialist company to supply and install classic hardwood floor suitable for traditional English country floor interior. We covered the 40 square metre floor area with solid European oak flooring. As all floors supplied by us, the boards came unfinished. Our flooring designer developed a unique finish to complete traditional interior of the study. After applying wood dye, the floor was sealed with clear semi matt Bona varnish with hardener to ensure heavy duty finish on the study floor.

Project Price: £4,900

antique oak flooring after sanding and staining

Private Residence, Poole, Dorset

Acoustic Insulation Hardwood Flooring Sanding & Sealing

In this very interesting modernist property on the outskirts of Poole, new owners were looking to replace 120 square metres of existing flooring with solid oak boards with acoustic insulation underneath. In this unconventional house living area and kitchen were upstairs and bedrooms were downstairs. Original design did not take into account noise transmitted through the floor between first floor and ground floor and clients wanted to use flooring replacement job to insulate as well.

Original flooring was completely lifted and GypFloor SILENT acoustic insulation installed. On top we installed 185mm wide solid oak floorboards. The owners insisted on making the floor look as natural as possible. This was achieved by sealing the floor with Bona water based varnish with hardener, which provides excellent floor protection and gives very natural, almost bare floor appearance.

Project Price: £22,800

antique oak flooring after sanding and staining

Princes Lodge, Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Parquet Floor Restoration

We had a pleasure of restoring original parquet flooring in early 19th century mansion in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. 120 square metres of original oak parquet was neglected for decades , but new owner’s dream was to restore the period house to it’s former glory. The interior 100% original with oak veneers on the walls all across the ground floor. It was absolutely crucial that flooring is restored with great attention to detail. Not only we have been replacing individual parquet blocks that were damaged or missing, we were replacing it with reclaimed parquet blocks of similar age and geographical origin. One of the main complaints the client had about the original flooring was its colour. The floor was dark orange because of decades of exposure to sunlight. Once re-sanded, the parquet regained its natural oak colour. To make it last , we applied UV resistant varnishes by Bona. With this product on, floors are not becoming yellow or orange over the years and maintain original natural colour.

Project Price: £5,400


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