Floor Brushing

Wood floor restoration is about so much more than just sanding a floor down and applying protective seal. Once wood is exposed possibilities are endless. One of very interesting and increasingly popular effects is floor brushing. 

Dust Free Floor Sanding

Core of our services is of dust free floor sanding. Before a floor is brushed, it has to be sanded back to bare wood. We use exclusively completely dustless German machinery by Lagler. Mix of years of experience, professional sanding techniques and top of the range sanding machines allows us to achieve excellent results and 100% customer satisfaction.

Floor sanding requires specialised knowledge, without which a floor can be damaged to the point it cannot be rectified anymore. Wooden floors can last for decades thanks to their, but it also means that any error during sanding will leave permanent marks and scratches. We carefully select type and grit of abrasives for every stage of sanding to sand the floor back to bare wood and take away as little material as possible at the same time.

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With wood fully exposed, we can finally start the brushing process. Floors can be brushed with the grain or with circular motion, which determines final appearance. The aim is to create a texture, where different sections of wood grain appear to have different shine level to create three dimensional look.

Floors finished this way are completely unique. Level of brushing and type of brushed effect is a very individual matter as we always adjust our work methods to type of floor we work on and our client’s specification.

Floor Finishing

Floor restoration work would not be complete without applying protective sealant. Whatever is done on the flooring, it needs to be protected to last for decades to come. Only top quality commercial finishes provide good enough protection to last and maintain desired appearance of our floors. We always use finished that are UV resistant, which means that floors restored by us would not become orange or yellow over their lifespan.

Brushed floors need special care finishing. Since the floor is textured, it needs to be sealed well to still feel smooth. Finishing such floors is as bespoke work as brushing itself. Years of experience allow us to pick the right products to create perfect and unique finish on any floor texture created by us.

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