Floor Staining

In wooden floor restoration trade our job is only as good as the final finish we achieve. Sealing floors with protective coat is one thing, but applying wood dye to completely transform a floor is a different story. Our team have decades of experience in colouring wooden floors, which allows us to give your floors excellent coloured finish.

Floor Preparation

Before we apply any dye on on a floor, the woood needs to be prepared by sanding. We use exclusively completely dustless German machinery by Lagler. Mix of years of experience, professional sanding techniques and top of the range sanding machines allows us to achieve excellent results and 100% customer satisfaction.

Floor sanding requires specialised knowledge, without which a floor can be damaged to the point it cannot be rectified anymore. We carefully select type and grit of abrasives for every stage of sanding to sand the floor back to bare wood and take away as little material as possible at the same time.

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Once the floor is sanded down we can present you with a few colour samples to show you what we can achieve on your floorboards. We always make samples on the actual flooring we work on as only then you would get the right idea about achievable floor colour. Many companies provide sample boards to look at, but this approach only works on new floorboards. When dealing with old floors, every one of them is completely unique, because it is ageing in conditions unique to a specific room. That is why every wood floor restoration job should be treated as a one of a kind project.


Covering the entire floor with wood dye is an art in its own right. Application method always depends on type of floor, wood species and type of product we are applying. Combination of these factors determines how we apply our products. 

Any floor restoration work would not be complete without applying protective sealant. Whatever is done on the flooring, it needs to be protected to last for decades to come. There are main two options when it comes to wood floor finishes and they are varnishing and oiling.

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