Stairs Restoration

Most people will most likely overlook potential for restoration that their houses’ staircases have. Restored wooden staircase can really be a very important feature of your interior. With our vast experience in wooden stairs restoration we can help you bring out the full potential of your wooden stairs.

Stairs Stripping

Traditional wooden staircase are great working materials for restorers. They are normally as old as a property they are in, so in many cases you are dealing with stairs that are over a hundred years old. That provides hight quality wood seasoned and treated using slow old fashioned methods.

The first step of wooden stairs restoration is to remove any old coverings to allow access to wood for sanding. The most common scenario is removing old carpet or carpet runner, including carpet gripper strips and staples that were holding carpet and underlay in place. It is very important that the wood is completely denailed as any metal left in the wood would affect stripping and sanding.

The final stage of preparation would be striping any paint that might be on the stairs. This might be either chemical or chemical stripping, quite often with help of a heat gun. The restored elements have to be completely stripped to expose wood for sanding.

Stairs Sanding

Once all elements are finally stripped and denailed, we can proceed with sanding the stairs down to expose original wood. 

At this crucial stage dust extraction is our priority. All our sanding machines extract dust as a standalone piece of equipment. Smaller power tools are hooked up to external dust extractor to make sure that every stage of sanding is as clean as possible.

In pronciple, stairs sanding process is similar to what we do on floors. We start with the most abrasive sandpaper grit and work our way through finer and finer grits until the surface is smooth and free of any marks.

Stairs Staining

Just like with wooden floors, wooden stairs can be stained to completely change their appearance.

When planning your new interior, you are not limited in terms of wood colour anymore. Wood colour is dictated by wood species, but by applying wood stain, we can change it to any other wood-like colour you wish to achieve. We are still retaining original appearance. All details of wood grain, including growth rings and knots will still be visible regardless of which colour you decide to go ahead with.

Stairs staining is a great solution when you would like to retain your original stairs but the wood does not play very well with rest of your design. Wood staining also helps when you have newer floors in your property and you would like to match original stairs to it. Wooden stairs restoration in general is a great way to modernise your property while still keeping these key original features, that determine real value and quality of your house.

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Stairs Sealing

Wooden stairs restoration work would not be complete without applying protective sealant. Whatever is done on the stairs, it needs to be protected to last for decades to come. There are main two options when it comes to wood finishes and they are varnishing and oiling.

Floor varnish these days is the finish that requires the least maintenance and is the easiest to live with. It is one of these apply-and-forget finishes. Once it is down, you do not have to do anything with it. And once it wears out after years and years of usage, it needs to be sanded down back to bare wood and applied again.

Modern varnishes are very different than what most people associate with varnish. Modern products are polyurethane based (water based), they have low shine, they do not smell and they give you very natural wood colouring. Gone are the days of orange, mirror like shiny varnishes. Not many people want that anymore and you would find that most modern floors or brand new floors you get in shops would be sealed with varnish.

The other type of finish is hard wax oil. That is a full name of a product that can be applied on wooden stairs. There is a lot of misinformation out there about oil related floor finishes. Some people recommend using waxes or different kinds of oils, but these products are designed to be applied on furniture and decorative wood. Only hard wax oil is formulated to withstand foot traffic for years and it still has be to be reapplied at lease once a couple of years to prevent wear.

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