Dust Free Floor Sanding

It is hard to ignore advantages of having wooden floors. They look absolutely beautiful. They are durable. And most importantly – they can be sanded down and refinished many times, expanding their lifespan to decades or even centuries. And luckily for everybody, sanding these days is a very clean and quick process.

Modern floor sanding technology focuses on two main factors – dust control and abrasion control. Dust control is achieved by adequate dust extraction. Every piece of equipment we are using is extracting dust from sanding either on its own or with help of external dust extractor. Extractor bags collect the dust and special fabric bags or filters stop the dust from escaping. This allows us to perform work in peoples homes without need to vacate property. All we need is an empty room. The whole job is very clean and literally dust free.

Another crucial factor is abrasive control. Professional sanding machines need to be accurate enough to allow an operator to start and finish a sanding run exactly where it has to be without dents of chatter. This is down to skill of an operator and quality of equipment. Our professional wood flooring restorers use decades of their experience and knowledge to work on floors. And we use full range of top quality sanding machines and specialised power tools to achieve accurate results that meet our rigours standards.

Belt Sander

Every job starts with a belt sander, the most powerful machine in our range. Its job is to remove old floor finish and to prepare surface for further work.

Edge Sander

Another specialised machine we use is an edge sander. It sands down everything that the belt sanded could not access. Unique design of this machine allows an operator to sand floors up to the very edge without any damage to walls or skirting boards.

Orbital Sander

The last big sanding machine we are using on a job is an orbital sander. It makes floor unbelievably smooth to prepare them for applying protective coats of varnish or oil.

Complete Dust Free Floor Sanding System

Dust free floor sanding system is a core part of our wooden floor restoration service. From start to finish every step is important and no machine or sandpaper grit can be skipped. 

Our team of professionals will make sure that your floor is restored using correct techniques in line with up to date industry standards. Individual approach to every job is our key to achieving highest quality results quickly and efficiently.

See our floor sanding projects here.


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