Pine Floor Repairs

Original pine floors have huge potential for restoration and once renovated they can look absolutely beautiful. It is sometimes the case however that a floor needs some repairs to bring it up to standard suitable for re-sanding. Our team of professional traders has all the skills needed to work with your floorboards and make all necessary repairs to restore it.

Pine Floorboard Lifting

Any floorboards that need replacing have to be lifted in a way that would not damage other boards. We use specialised tools to cut boards in place and lift them with little or no damage to preserve as much of original floorboards as possible.

During the floor restoration process floorboards would be lifted for many different reasons. An obvious one is replacing any damaged floorboards. We might also lift boards to allow access underneath the floor to check if there are any piped or cables under areas we work. Another scenario is installing underfloor insulation. When we insulate floors, in most cases we have to lift most or just all floorboards.

Floor Joists Replacement

Another crucial element of suspended pine flooring is floor joists that run underneath the boards. After decades of sitting under the floor it is possible that some sections would need attention. 

Just like with the floorboards, we are able to cut out parts of joists that need replacing and install new ones, making sure that they are level with the rest of the flooring structure.

Exposed joists provide unique opportunity to service subfloor area. We can offer clearing up ground area, repairs to sleeper walls, woodworm treatment and more.

Pine Boards Replacement

There are occasions when some boards need to be replaced because of rot or damage. It is our imperative to maintain original character or floors, that is why we always source boards that match existing ones or can be matched with original boards by applying wood dye.

In most cases replacing a few boards is enough to rectify problems and prepare the floor for sanding. However if larger floor area needs replacing, we can source the right amount of boards.

Any repairs are possible. We can cover fireplace hearths, stagger boards, rework floor joist and do pretty much ay other alterations to meet your needs.

Pine Floor Insulation & Rebuilding

Lifting floorboards while performing extensive floor repairs provide unique opportunity to work on subfloor and insulate original floor with modern, highly efficient insulating materials. Please follow link below to find out more about insulating original pine boards on joists.

Find our more about our floor insulation service


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