Gap Filling

floor gap filling

Beautiful floor gap filling that lasts longer.

Floor gap filling is one of the most standard services we perform for our clients. In most cases it comes hand in hand with floor sanding and finishing.

A simple procedure of floor gap filling with pine wedges improves the looks and functionality of the flooring dramatically. While filling the gaps with a mix of resin and chemicals is still a viable option in case of minor damage and chipping. In case of the floorboard gaps though, we only do the floor gap filling using reclaimed pine slivers. What are they? They are long wedge-shaped pieces of wood, cut from old reclaimed floorboards. Only reclaimed wood is used for floor gap filling slivers. If fresh wood was used, its shape and size would still be adjusting with time, making the slivers fall through the gaps.

The slivers are hammered in the gaps with industrial grade wood adhesive applied. Once the slivers sit in the gaps, the excess is remover. Only then the flooring can be sanded.

Filling gaps between floorboards has a number of benefits:

  • It stops the flow of cold air from underneath the boards.
  • No insects can come inside your house through the floor.
  • Gapless wooden floor is much easer to clean and maintain.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing.

And if you’re after something more than just floor gap filling, we also:

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