wood floor staining

Transform your flooring with floor staining.

Whenever you feel that your wooden floor does not match the rest of your interior, or you are simply bored with the colour, wooden floor staining is a great solution for you. Wood floor staining is a process known for centuries. It simply is applying a certain dyes on timber, to make it change its colour.

Nowadays, there are lots of different professional wood colouring products available. Once the floor is sanded, a wood stain can be applied before varnishing, transforming your old wooden floor into the one you always dreamt about. It is permanent, safe, and does not affect the durability of your floor. We can offer you a wide range of wood stain colours and wood stain types. Have a look at some samples below, sorted by manufacturer and type.

Spirit-based wood stains by Liberon

medium oak woodstain Medium Oak dark oak Dark Oak
pine woodstain Pine mahogany woodstain Mahogany


Water-based wood stains by Auro

auro clear wood stain Clear auro oak wood stain Oak auro light oak wood stain Light Oak
auro pine wood stain Pine auro walnut wood stain Walnut auro mahogany wood stain Mahogany


Coloured hard was oils by Fiddes

fiddes-american American fiddes-antique Antique
fiddes-dark-oak Dark Oak fiddes-english English
fiddes-medium-oak Medium Oak fiddes-onyx Onyx
fiddes-walnut Walnut fiddes-whiskey Whiskey


And if you’re after something more than just floor colouring, we also:

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