Stairs Restoration

stairs sandingProfessional stairs sanding and finishing

Stairs are a crucial part of every house. And it’s not only because of the practical aspects. Stairs are most often a central part of the property, when a person entering the house can see the staircase straight away. Therefore, it’s the stairs that make the house stand out or make a very bad first impression.

With years of experience, we are able to help you bring out the best of your staircase. No matter if it’s painted, carpeted or varnished, we can restore it for you. Stairs sanding is the only way to restore the staircase to its original beauty. Stairs can also be stained and varnished, just like wooden flooring. Thanks to that, it is possible to sand stairs and flooring and then finish them together to achieve a very consistent effect for the whole interior.

Just like with flooring, the possibilities seem endless. The steps, handrail and spindles can be finished in many different ways to create a desired effect. After stripping and sanding, all the elements can be either painted, stained, varnished or oiled. We are able to meet to perform the work to any specification.


And if you’re after something more than just stairs sanding, we also:

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