Terms & Conditions


  1. No personal information that is given to us is shared with 3rd party companies.
  2. All the emails are being stored as proof of contact with customers.
  3. 20% discount applies only when job is confirmed and booked online (via email).


  1. Price given by us in quote is an estimate only and can be a subject to change.
  2. Agreed price for a job is subject to change if the company was not made aware of any conditions that might affect the work, if the measurements given by a customer are incorrect, or if it turns out during work that additional services are needed.
  3. The moment a customer confirms the job start date is considered the start of legally binding agreement.


  1. Minimum charges for floor sanding and sanding hire are £350 and £250, respectively.
  2. In case of sanding hire, minimum charge covers floor sanding only.
  3. If a job is cancelled by a customer later than a week before the agreed start date, £250 charge applies.
  4. In case of orders above £3000, 40% deposit is required.
  5. If a customer needs furniture removal, the charge is £60 per room.


  1. Accepted payment methods are cash and bank transfer (cheques not accepted). A customer is required to make the payment by the date stated on the invoice (normally the last day of company’s work).


  1. Online discount does not apply to our minimum charges for floor sanding and sanding hire.
  2. Any gifts included in our offers are given to a customer only once the payment for the work done is cleared.
  3. All items listed in gift offers section are subject to availability and can be different that shown in the pictures.